I asked some folks to call it as they saw it...

I can tell that Tina thinks deeply about her work & is always learning & staying current. She understands the value of people & how to get the very best from them. And most importantly to me - she is super fun to work with...I'm on board!

Wes Davies. CEO

Net Prophets

Having worked with Tina on a wide variety of campaigns, website development, NPD & packaging rebranding for Brookfarm she shines as a high energy, creative strategist with the ability to think 'outside the box'. Tina has a deep understanding of business-to-consumer engagement and developed new ways to repackage and promote existing product lines to appeal to a wider audience.

Karen Klaich. Principal/Creative Director. designlab.new media.

If you want smart thinking and real insights plus you are willing to work with somebody who will challenge you every step of the way Tina is for you. If not, she's not.

Neil Holt. MD.

EuroRSCG Bangkok.